A message from Jimmy and Roy, the people behind the vision

We believe that no student should have to face their challenges alone
Co-founders Roy and Jimmy

Looking back at our time in school, we were frustrated at how much time we wasted.

We both excelled in our studies, completing engineering degrees with first class honours. However, we always felt like we could have accomplished so much more.

If only there was an older version of ourselves that we could talk to, someone that truly understood what we were going through, we would have been able to learn and grow faster.

From our own experiences tutoring dozens of students, we saw firsthand the amazing impact that the right mentor can make. We were proud to see our students become who they were meant to be.

We want every student to have that same opportunity.

In partnership with Macleans College, a school of 2500+ students in Auckland, we launched MyTuition in 2014 and set out to make this vision a reality.

This is our team

We're a company that's out to make an impact in the world. Every day, we strive to become better versions of ourselves, and to help others to do the same.

We're proud of the team and the culture that we've built, and we're energised to come in to the office each day to work towards our mission.



Sophie completed her BA (Hons) degree in International Business back in England before arriving here.

At MyTuition, Sophie facilitates the connection between students and tutors and her love for helping others means she is able to provide that extra support to help students achieve their full potential.

Outside of MyTuition, Sophie volunteers as an ESOL tutor and is working toward her goal of becoming a teacher.

When asked to describe herself in a word, Sophie would say hardworking, although the team would have to disagree when it comes to going to the gym…



Nick is in his first year of a PhD in Engineering Science. Originally from Hawkes’ Bay, he began as a tutor during his first year in Auckland.

After three years of teaching Maths and Physics he became a Team Lead to get involved with the tutor community. Now, as Tutor Operation Manager, he ensures that we have enough tutors so there is a great match for every student!

In his spare time (of which there is very little), he likes to play music on the saxophone or the cello or sit down and play a friendly board game.



Daniel is in his third year of Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Auckland. Terrified of decisions he still has not decided what he wants to do when he graduates.

Starting as a math and physics tutor he enjoyed helping build students confidence and abilities. Working now as a Team Lead Daniel provides support to his team of tutors. He aspires to pass on his knowledge and help his tutors build connections with their students.

In his free time, Daniel tries his best to stay active through plenty of hiking and occasional rock climbing although laziness often wins.



Paige is a current midwifery student studying at Auckland University of Technology.

At MyTuition, she started as a Biology and English tutor, where she discovered she enjoyed watching her students grow and develop personally as well as academically. Now, as a Team Lead, she gets to support her tutors and help them along their journey too!

In her spare time, Paige enjoys talking her friends’ ears off, reading, crocheting, and cooking.



June is a Biomedical Science graduate currently studying Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at the University of Auckland.

She joined MyTuition as a Science and Maths tutor and is passionate about helping students thrive academically and personally. As a Team Lead, she supports tutors in creating a warm and engaging environment during lessons.

In her spare time, June enjoys pilates, baking and playing the flute or piano.



Adam is a 4th Year BA/BSc conjoint student at the University of Auckland majoring in Chemistry and Statistics.

He joined MyTuition in 2021 and has thoroughly enjoyed tutoring Chemistry, Statistics, Maths and History over the last 3 years. Being able to see the progress that a student can make over a period of time has been one of his key takeaways from the role. Now as a Team Lead, he enjoys being able to assist with the administrative side of tutoring, ensuring all tutors can have the same positive experiences that he had as a tutor.

In his free time (which can be limited at times due to various activities and hobbies!), Adam enjoys to explore nature and the New Zealand backcountry, cook, bake and plan the next travel adventure



Justine is a 2nd year Communication Studies student at Auckland University of Technology.

At MyTuition, she took on mostly English-based subjects from English to Geography and Art History, while dabbling in a bit of science. Here, she discovered helping her students build strong academic habits and develop personally along the way. Now, as a Team Lead, she gets to support her tutors and pass on her own insights to help them cultivate their own journey.

While being a Screen Major is time-consuming and very demanding, Justine enjoys going for a walk with her camera, attending music gigs, watching food documentaries, and hiking in her spare time.



Lauren is a fourth-year Computer Systems Engineering student at the University of Auckland.

She's been a tutor at MyTuition since 2020, where she loved teaching maths and physics. With a background in education-based start-ups and experience as a teaching assistant, Lauren is passionate about helping students achieve their goals.

Outside of work, Lauren loves playing electric guitar, board games, and software development.



Hannah is a third year student at the University of Auckland studying a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Marine Science.

From Malaysia (and Timaru), she also grew up in Vietnam, where she originally started tutoring in IB subjects. She joined MyTuition as a biology and geography tutor and found that helping students to thrive and flourish was so rewarding that she then joined as a team lead to provide support to them as well.

In her spare time she likes to read, paint (or more likely spend money on painting supplies), and recently started muay thai for fun.



Kahn graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Sociology), and then a Masters of Health Psychology. He is currently studying a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology at the University of Auckland, where he is training to become a registered clinical psychologist.

Having started out at MyTuition as a tutor, Kahn has tutored and supported students for many years, helping them to achieve both academic and personal goals. Now, as Head of Quality, he ensures that the quality of our tutoring service, is tailored to, and effective for each student.

He is passionate about psychological wellbeing and understanding each person's unique needs to help them achieve their goals, and live meaningful, fulfilling lives.

Often being asked if he can read minds, Kahn will admit that he can’t. However, what he can do is listen.



Roy is fluent in 25 different programming languages that nobody else can understand; naturally he graduated from University with a degree in Software Engineering (first class honours).

As an IT genius, he spends his time building great software for MyTuition as well as working part time at Datacom, an internationally yet locally owned software development company.

After spending an extraordinary amount of time trying to come up with a witty closing line that non-tech people can understand, Roy gave up and is using this sentence instead.



Jimmy graduated from University with a Civil Engineering degree (first class honours), and originally worked as a structural engineer at Parsons Brinckerhoff. Wanting to make more of an impact in the world, he left the company to found MyTuition where he could better use his skills and his passions.

He's passionate about building amazing teams to tackle difficult problems that will help make the world a better place.

To the dismay of his parents, Jimmy refuses to consider returning to his prestigious engineering job and insists on focusing all his energy into improving and growing MyTuition.

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