Tailored lessons

In our experience, the vast majority of students that come to us already have what it takes to achieve amazing things - they just have a few gaps in their knowledge. It's our job to identify them and work together with the student to fill them.

We also know that every student has a different goal for what they want to achieve, and what grades they want to attain.

That's why it's so important to us that every lesson is tailored to the student rather than running through a standardised programme.

Guidance from an older version of yourself

We treat every lesson with our students as a conversation with a peer, not a lecture from a superior.

Our tutors are older versions of our students. They understand the challenges our students are going through because they've recently been through those same challenges themselves. What's more, they've come out the other side with top grades and insights to share.

Inspiring role models

The impact our tutors have on their students can extend beyond just academics and grades. Over time, many of our students come to see their tutors as role models. By sharing insights from their own journeys, tutors set an example for what's possible and inspire their students to aim higher.

Our tutors will help with:

Problem Diagnosis

  • Reviewing past tests and assessments together
  • Evaluating strengths and weaknesses
  • Reviewing previous material to check understanding


  • Explaining new concepts and topics
  • Working on study skills and habits
  • Practicing exam style questions and exam techniques


  • Passing on personal experiences and insights
  • Providing encouragement and support

Keeping on track

  • Planning and goal setting
  • Setting homework
  • Providing guidance on what to focus on next
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